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Rusty Old Car


FAQ's from our clients

What media do you use to blast? 

We use crushed glass typically of various sizes based on how aggressive we need to get to remove rust and debris.  For stonework and aluminum we typically use baking soda which is much less aggressive.

What blast preasure do you use?

This is based on what we are removing.  Our Clear Blast system allows us to reduce pressure down to 40PSI to insure we do not damage the items we are blasting if they are more delicate.  Examples are red brick, monuments/stonework, and wood house siding.

Will the metal flash rust after you finish blasting?

Yes, to a small degree...however we use a rust inhibitor agent that we add directly into the blast stream to stop flash rust for up to 72 hours to allow our clients the ability to dry and prime the metal we have cleaned.

What do you need to blast?

All we need is a open area to set up our equipment and a garden hose for water supply.  We use about 3-5 gallons of water an hour.

Do you also offer painting services?

No we do not currently offer this service.  We strictly blast.

What is your minimum charge to come to my location?

$1,000 is our minimum charge for 4 hours.  All jobs are priced based on what we are blasting, set up, media required (glass, soda and rust inhibitor) and clean up responsibilities.

Is blasting subject to Sales Tax?

Blasting is considered a service and is therefore taxable in most cases.

How long does it take?

After we arrive it takes about 20 minutes to set up equipment and about 30 minutes to clean up after we complete the job.  Most jobs are completed in 1 day or less. 

How do you keep area clean/what clean up is involved?

Typically we place plastic under the item/area we are blasting to collect the debris that is removed and blast media.  At the end of the job we simply roll up the plastic and place it in a dumpster or take it back to our facility and place in our dumpster.

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