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Our Equipment

Our Equipment

MSBNJ utilizes CLEARBLAST Mobile Technology and Equipment to service our clients blasting needs.  This equipment is some of the most advanced and environmentally friendly equipment available on the market.  CLEARBLAST technology provides great results while also providing an environmentally safe alternative to conventional "dry" blasting services.

What is WET Blasting?

Water - Abrasive - AIR

The combination of these three elements results in a more efficient and environmentally safe solution to blasting away whatever dirt, grime, rust or corrosion you may have.  

Notable Advantages of WET Blasting

90% plus Reduction in Dust 

Reduced amount of Blast Media required

Environmentally Friendly

No Warping of Metal due to Friction Heat

Will WET Blasting Create Rust?

Yes... with water being used in the process a small amount of "flash" rust may result.  To combat this, we add a small amount of rust inhibitor directly to the blasting water to eliminate the rust for 72 hours and allow our clients the opportunity to prime and paint thier items before rust results.

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Water is supplied from an external source, typically a garden hose.  The water, is then added along with the abrasive, suspending each abrasive particle in a “dust suppressing” bubble.  During the blasting process this greatly reduces the dispersal of airborne particles (dust) created from the abrasive while also greatly reducing the volume of abrasive used per hour.


Water consumption in our CLEARBLAST equipment is very low...about 1/2 pint per minute or 3-4 gallons per hour!

Abrasive, typically crushed glass or a gentle granular cleaning agent like wet grade soda, is added along with the water inside the pressure pot.  The use of granular abrasive makes the removal of industrial coatings and surface corrosion a breeze acting like little chisels, getting into the nooks and crannies of a surface that are otherwise nearly impossible to remove with other less-conventional methods.  CLEARBLAST technology, brings outstanding efficiency, allowing for less abrasive consumption, better control of removal, and added user and environmental safety.

Air is the vehicle, transporting the wet abrasive mixture towards the surface.  The air is controlled separately from the water and abrasive mixture, allowing the user to finely control the level of performance desired based on the requirements of the job.  Combined with the correct abrasive, performance is effectively matched to the desired result, virtually removing any coating or grime, from any surface, any time, anywhere. 

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